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    The first layer of a two ply system and the roof is already 100% waterproof.


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Skylight Installation, Replacement, and Repair.

Skylight in Bathroom

We provide skylight replacement and repair services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Custom manufactured curb mounted skylights can be installed on a flat or can be inserted on shingle sloped roofs as well. Aluminum framing so there’s no rust or warping optimizing life span of your new skylight .The skylights come in clear or tinted, acrylic or glass, ours are constructed of aluminum. The joints are tig welded so as to create one continuous piece.The key to avoid future problems is to tie the water shield and roof shingles in properly making the skylight water poof and trouble free.

Lay out for roofing around the skylight
Our leak proofed installed skylight
Skylight repairs is a vital piece to skylight maintenance for skylights of average 10 years old. Skylight repair should be addressed quickly to avoid bigger costs down the road with major damages to other areas.


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