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Eavestrough, gutters
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The eavestrough is a narrow channel or trough that forms the component of a roof system that collects rainwater that is shed by the roof. The purpose of the eavestrough is to protect a building’s foundation and it runs the perimeter of the home. It redirects the flow of water off of the roof into the downspouts and moves the water to collection or to drainage. The eavestrough system also helps to reduce erosion and it prevents leaks in basements, crawl spaces and protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water.
There’s a variety of materials that the gutters are made of such as Copper, Aluminum and Steel.

Eavestroughs are damaged by a variety of weather conditions, such as high winds or freezing rain. The eavestrough must provide a direct path for the water from your roof to the ground. In order to do that, it must be free of debris and be correctly maintained.

We do custom eavestrough repairs to make your gutters look as good as new. We ensure to correctly slope the gutters, remove clogs and clean the eavestroughs thoroughly. This makes your eavestrough do the job that it is meant to do. 

When a gutter is overflowing, it’s typically caused by a clog somewhere in the down pipe or eavestrough. In fact, when a homeowner calls us with a leak in either their ceiling or basement, it is usually due to clogged eavestroughs.

Rain gutters, eavestrough
Call Us For Your Free Quote at: (416) 410-5830  
Eavestrough, gutters
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Eavestroughs are very fragile in harsh weather.
When properly installed, they can be very rugged, and protected by the roof itself . In order to do that, they have to be free of debris and also be correctly maintained. We recommend “eavestrough guards” or “
gutter guards ” such as Bob Villa recommends. These guards block the leaf and leafy debris from clogging your gutters and down spouts. Messy clean ups are a thing of the past with gutter guards in place.  

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