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    The first layer of a two ply system and the roof is already 100% waterproof.

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For your 24/7 emergency roof repair, call us for fast reliable service: (416) 410-5830

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The reason people choose us over any of our competition is simple. We use the best materials, tradesmen and deliver the best in service and quality.

Our tradesmen are paid according to the quality of work, rather than on the speed with which they do the job. This insures top quality over a speedy job. It is far more important to us to do the job correctly and have a happy customer who recommends us to their friends. You have our guarantee that we will do the job right the first time.

We never settle for the minimum building code standards, it doesn’t cost a lot to go from a minimum building code standard to exceeding the building code standards. 

The owner is on every job site and has personally over seen thousands of jobs to a successful conclusion.You will be talking directly with the owner about the work you want done and any of the concerns you have. We also have a list of previous customers should you wish to have references.


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