Mandatory Downspout Diversion

A Disconnected Downspout
A Disconnected Downspout

Downspout Diversion

Mandatory Downspout Diversion/Repairs

As many homeowners are aware, The City of Toronto is mandating that all downspouts are disconnected. This by-law is taking effect in three phases.

In Phase 1, property owners located in the area served by combined sewers (stormwater and sanitary sewage carried in a single pipe) were required to disconnect their downspouts by November 20, 2011. Phase 2 will require properties in the basement flooding study areas to disconnect by December 3, 2013.
Phase 3 will require all remaining properties across the City to disconnect by December 3, 2016.
Toronto Downspout Diversion deadlines are coming soon.

Replace Down Pipes

A downspout that must be disconnected
A downspout that must be disconnected

We offer a downspout disconnection service, where we will assess your property, making sure that the water has a proper area to discharge or a possible relocation of the downspout.

We excel at fixing and repairing successfully:

  • Adding and redirecting with downpipe extensions
  • Replacing downpipes
  • Repair damaged pipes
  • downspout disconnection
  • downspout reroute
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